New services in the construction business at Diia Portal

Услуги в сфере строительного бизнеса на портале Дия

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine reported that the introduction of a new range of services at the start of construction work using the Diia application will eliminate corruption among State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine (SACI) officials. The portal will allow registration of all the necessary documentation related to the construction work in online mode.

The development of a new range of services was officially announced at the Ukraine-30 forum, which took place on May 17, 2021.

«Today, at the Diia Portal, fundamentally new and important services for the construction sector were launched. I think this is a quite powerful impact to the corruption system» – said the First Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Oleksiy Vyskub.

Now, with the help of Diia it is possible to issue online:

  1. Declaration of operational readiness for a facility that is classified as a low impact facility (CC1);
  2. Cancellation of notification of the start of construction and / or preparatory work;
  3. Permission to start construction work;
  4. Certificate of the readiness of the construction object (CC2 and CC3);
  5. Construction passport.

«This step will allow eliminating the bureaucratic system while preparing the documents required for construction work. At the moment, we are awaiting approval of the corresponding bill in the Verkhovna Rada»,- added Vyskub.