Reasons for delaying housing renovation

Igor Kushnir, the president of PJSC HC Kievgorstroy, has told about the conditions for the revitalization of an obsolete housing which will be optimal for modern construction companies.

What is required for a high-quality renovation of the housing? You would need to meet certain conditions to organize the revitalization process properly.

First of all, the situation itself should be economically beneficial for all participants. In addition, this process should meet the interests and concerns of the city, since several determining factors directly depend on this issue. Initially, it is necessary to allocate an unoccupied piece of land to get the opportunity to begin construction of the so-called starting house on it. In other words, you need to ensure you can build a new house that would accommodate the residents from the old house. Then you can start cleaning the territory for the subsequent work. This opinion is shared by Igor Kushnir, the president of PJSC HC Kievgorstroy.

The second and equally important point is related to the outdated external networks, which characterize the outdated housing. Typically, all renovation activities and processes are entirely the building owner’s responsibility. In this regard, they must rely on the help and support of the city.

Another crucial point is the problem of dispossessing residents from outdated housing.

The following two points provide the decisive factors here:

  • the consent of the residents (by the way, it is not required to hit the indicator in 100%. 70% of the residents who agree or disagree on the provided conditions are quite enough);
  • the possibility of replacing the housing area with an equivalent or with some increased indicator. However, such a replacement should be made without considering the number of people living or registered in the area. The fulfillment of these conditions provides an adequate and high-quality result;

“Following the possible prospects, the results of the renovation process fully depend on the authorities’ work at the legislative level. In terms of territory selection, the best option would be the places that meet the following criteria: convenient location, vast territory, and the availability of new or updated communication lines. Compliance with such conditions fully guarantees that the solutions of renovation projects will be really large-scale and economically profitable”, says Igor Kushnir.

In his opinion, industrial zones are the most promising for financial flows from private businesses. And only after that, it is possible to start demolition of the Khrushchev-era apartment blocks and construction of new buildings with the obligatory housing provision for the “resettlement people”, as well as the mandatory thermal modernization of the buildings.