Housing costs: how a situation will develop?

Стоимость жилья: куда кривая выведет?

For the construction of large-scale projects, modern developers of Kyiv are trying to cooperate.

This year the expenses of development companies necessary for the construction of new residential complexes may increase within 15-20%. This fact was announced by Daria Bedey – the head of Citex Development projects.

As representatives of the domestic construction market themselves confirm, the cost of apartments in new complexes will be 10-15% higher by the end of the year. Such a factor is directly connected with the increase of expenses for infrastructure development, as well as with the increase in builders’ salaries, the rise in prices for construction materials, etc.

If we talk about economic housing, the cost of the construction process is planned to rise within 1%. Since construction materials and work will be higher in cost, the cheaper apartments will become more expensive by about 3-5%.

As Daria Bedey noticed, now the supply exceeds the demand by about 40%. And this is exactly what motivates developers, who have become more attentive to the issue of planning future housing and communal services.

At the same time, the expert noted that as part of a gradual increase in costs for the construction of new houses, most companies are trying to implement projects together with other developers.

For example, compared to last year, the number of partner projects may increase from 10 to 17%. And next year their number may exceed 20%, – Daria Bedey is sure.