Global Housebuilding Trends

Energy-efficient construction is gradually evolving from a popular trend into a necessity, primarily in countries with the harsh climate. Massive wood and brick walls are no longer in such high demand, as the construction market, like all others, struggles to save energy resources.

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Modern houses made of eco-panels are the perfect solution to this challenge. Aside from being environmentally friendly and durable, they are also incredibly warm. So, what makes these houses so unique and energy-efficient? Well, it’s simple enough: the walls, roof, and ceilings are largely made up of efficient insulation. The construction of such houses is typical of Norway, Finland, Canada, and even Alaska.

Such energy-efficient house construction includes a wide range of materials. For example, insulated eco-panels became very popular in North America in the 1990s. Slowly the technology spread around the world, and today structural insulating panels meet most people’s needs. No wonder, since they make you save money from the very beginning: during the cold season, you should not even compare energy bills with those of your neighbors, as they are several times cheaper.

The U.S. construction market faces major changes following claims that the individual housebuilding using structural insulating panels is expected to take over 5% of the industry’s total. Meanwhile, in Canada and Japan, this technology is even used to build high-rise buildings and schools.

Although somewhat later, the Ukrainian construction market has also shown great interest in this technology, especially if we talk about the northern and central regions, where such construction is more relevant. However, even in the south of Ukraine, structural insulating panels are getting more and more popular, given plenty of their advantages.

Thus, houses built according to this technology are not only durable and warm, but they are also comfortable and of the highest quality. Moreover, they are affordable in terms of construction and provide significant benefits in operation. Due to the variety of design projects, each customer can choose the best option that suits him. At the same time, the construction of houses made of structural insulating panels is possible in any area.

Today, cost- and time-saving construction technologies are evolving rapidly, becoming more and more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. As for the fact that they are industrialized, it only makes them less expensive.