Construction of projects will increase by 30-35%

The quality construction project development and implementation will increase in price by at least 30-35%. Such a rapid growth of the construction cost is explained by the developers willing to focus on creating a comfortable life environment. Therefore they do their best to make all the wishes of customers come true.

Experts claim that the cost of developing such projects will grow by 30-35% during the following three years. For example, the year 2021 is predicted to increase the cost of quality projects construction by 20%. Within three next years, they can grow by more than 30-35%.

What is the reason for such a sharp increase in construction costs? The answer is as simple as ABC: developer companies make all their efforts to provide maximum comfort for life and strive to ideally equip the interior space of every residential complex. Also, a lot of attention is paid to the construction of parking lots (both above ground and underground). Moreover, the price rises due to the fact that companies start working with energy-saving technologies which require more money.

The analysts came to the conclusion that the Ukrainian market is at the stage of classification according to the quality characteristics of the work performed. All this happens because the competition on the real estate construction market is huge, and the quest is limited. The cost of housing will increase by at least 1% inflation in 2021 if economic conditions facilitate it.

The experts believe that to make the market develop in 2021, several issues need to be resolved. First of all, it is highly necessary to completely reform the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, implement a law that will protect investors, as well as a law that solves problems with incomplete constructions. Second, new mechanisms for the reconstruction of old housing should be considered and introduced. Third, the option of creating a temporary public housing fund is also worth considering. So, in order to let the construction market successfully develop and improve, all the related issues must be resolved at the state level.Thus it will help to eliminate all kinds of “traps and pitfalls” when creating a project and providing construction activities. In this way it will make the construction process much easier for developers.