“Big construction” in the Dnepropetrovsk region

«Большое строительство» на Днепропетровщине

The Dnepropetrovsk region has become a participant of the “Big construction” project. Now, 12 objects are already being reconstructed and built. In addition, the collection of the documents required for expanding the project is currently being completed.

According to the program named “Big construction”, previously approved by the Ukrainian president, 12 objects, out of initially planned fifteen, started reconstruction works in the Dnepropetrovsk region, on March 3, 2020. For the remaining three, we have almost finished collecting the necessary permits. This information, according to the press office of the Regional Government Department, was declared by the head of the RGD, Aleksandr Bondarenko.

According to this program, each region of Ukraine has committed to build or upgrade five schools, kindergartens, and sports facilities. The Dnepropetrovsk region is going to allocate 800 million UAH for this purpose in order to implement 15 project plans. The buildings are to be put in service in 2020. Such information was received directly from the head of the RGD.

For example, the Tokmakovskaya, Petropavlovskaya, Voloshskaya, Likhovskaya schools, as well as Pokrovskiy college, are going to be reconstructed this year. In addition, there will be an update of preschool institutions in Pavlopolye, Nikolayevka, Chkalov. Construction will also be completed in Pokrov and Illarionovo.

“We have arranged the documents in accordance with which we are implementing these projects. As a result, we have managed to avoid a significant increase in cost. For example, during the construction of the kindergarten in Illarionovo, we can save 7 million UAH. Thus, we will be able to conduct more work at a lower cost”, said Aleksandr Moskalenko, the deputy head of the Dnepropetrovsk RGD.

If we talk about sports facilities, then, so far, some stadium repairing works are scheduled in Novomoskovsk, Kryvyi Rih, and Pereshchepino of the Dnepropetrovsk region. Construction will be carried out on other Dnepr sports grounds as well. “Olympic reserves” will be replenished with a new indoor boxing hall and a tennis court.

According to Bondarenko, not only the president’s program is successfully accomplished in the region, local authorities have independently launched the “Construction 100+” project.

“Our task today is to reconstruct over 100 additional objects throughout the region. All works are to be carried out at the expense of budget funds, from local to state”, Bondarenko said. The implementation of this project will cost 1 billion 148 million hryvnias.